Oklahoma Supercell - Photographed by Joshua Stephen

Storm Chasing and Documentary Photographer covering South West Oklahoma

 Joshua Stephen Photography - Lawton, Oklahoma USA

  "Focused on the unspoiled, untouched natural world as that is what holds the most interest for me. While studio photography has it place and purpose, I find my inspiration outside the walls of the concrete jungle and in the wide open spaces the great outdoors provides. The Spirit of nature calls me. Every day is an opportunity to appreciate the challenge of being in the right place at the right time to capture that fleeting moment and preserve it for all time."

Professional Art, Editorial & Event Photography

 When considering photography and capturing lasting photographic memories, remember it is not just  pointing and shooting a camera, but an art form in itself. Photography is much more than just pressing a button. It’s stems from a photographer who understands what imagery is and has an eye for creating dramatic photographic representations from just a snapshot of time.

 Josh Stephen is that eye and brings his photographic skills and mindset to creating breathtaking and powerful photography in any location. Versatile and flexible, he brings a unique view of photography to Lawton, Oklahoma whether it is photographing a retirement ceremony or documenting a storm chase through Oklahoma and Texas with his photography.

Available for all location photography assignments including Editorial, Sports, Special Events, Photographic Portraits, Still Life and Nature.